Starting to blog, kinda

I guess I’m starting a blog….well not really. My main goal behind these posts is to give a little more backstory to the photos and videos I post on Instagram. If you follow my instagram at all you may have noticed that I really only title my photos and don’t add much in the way of explaining how the photos came to be. This won’t be a regular blog where I post once a week or anything like that, it’s just an accompaniment to the photos I post on Instagram. And in all honesty, it’s really more something I’m doing for myself, rather than people that see my photos, so I can remember everything I’ve been up to, and hopefully some of the things I was thinking during experiences I find memorable enough to post about. I’ll probably add some of the music that I was listening to at the time too.

I’m starting it all off with my (post)birthday road-trip around California.

Enjoy (if you want to).

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