Portland to Portland

Our Cross-Country Adventure, July 2-25, 2016

Story and Photos by: Kevin Ting & Hayley Trowbridge

On July 2nd, 2016, we set out from Portland, Oregon to cross America. Our excuse was to get Hayley's car back home to Maryland, but the real goal was to see some of the most amazing places embedded within our country. It wasn't in our original plans to end up in Portland, Maine, but we ultimately decided that it was a fitting place to end the trip.

We kept a log. In hindsight, we didn't record a few things we would have liked to, but we got the important stuff: our start and end location for the day, the states we passed through, major roads we traveled down, license plates, landmarks, wildlife, as well as our choices for the 'Song of the Day'. Get the full experience by listening to our 'Songs of the Day' playlist!

We marked each day by where we woke up that morning and where we slept that night, and measured each day with all the cities, towns and parks we visited and the things we did along the way. 

(Above: The route we traveled to get from Portland, OR to Portland, ME.)

*    *    *


Oregon, Washington & Idaho

Glacier National Park

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

The Black Hills & Badlands National Park

The Midwest

Acadia National Park & The East Coast

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Trip Map

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